The Vision behind the Fire Dome


The Fire Dome invite us to our ancient resting place in a modern form

The convenient Fire Dome - the modern Fire place

The first Fire Dome has been built in the vision of creating an inviting place for people to sink into the depths of themselves - gathered around the fire - the meeting place where our forefathers and mothers originally started our civilization.

The Fire Dome is intended as the physical form around the modern fire place, where we warm, dry and comfortable all year round - can sit and be together around the fire - In the garden, in schools, institutions, at our businesses, to festivals, by the shopping mall, at nursing homes and kindergartens where children and elders can enjoy each other's wisdom by the fire. Or as an alternative living arrangement around the fireplace ect.

A calm being-place in the modern dynamics of society that can be easy available many places in our everyday lives.

- The dome shaped room, the curved sofas, the fireplace in the center - can invites us into comfort, being and togetherness ...

Fire heals and calms the inner depth of our being


Quiet time by the fire

The Fire Dome - an invitation to feel, perceive, sense and be together by the fire.

The glowing ocean of flames in the bonfire often awakens the attracts in us to calm down, let go and feel the warm togetherness with others. The fire place is a natural place for us to sink into the calm breathing and pulse of our bodies - and feel the deep contact with ourselves and from there the deep contact with the human souls around us. In this deep peace - a restful distance may appear to everything that drives us mentally and emotionally in everyday life.

In the peace by the fire, we can easier feel safe and thereby rest in ourselves. This rest enables us to listen and support each other - which further can unfold in creativity, crafts and dance in the rhythms of music and life.

- Across age, nationality, beliefs, conflicts.

The bonfire - has a calming effect on the basic Para-sympathetic nervous system, and the ancient depth in us loves it - which create a healthy base of wellbeing and prosperity in us modern people.

In the presence of bonfire the term "meditation" does not need to be mentioned - it happens all by itself.

Deepening process around the fire can be further supported by - Dynamic meditations - powerful breathing exercises - constellation therapy - dream interpretation - free dance to the rhythms of music and life - and much, much more ...


Bonfires year round

Heimdal Fire Dome opens the possibility to enjoy the open fire in a warm, dry and well-shaped space for the purpose, which otherwise is limited to few nights a year, especially in the far North.

Quiet Time with the family

The fireplace is a perfect place for families to have "quiet time" during sunset, as a brake from our hectic modern virtual society.

"Silence during twilight" is an old Nordic tradition that holds presence.


Fire Dome in everyday life:

In the garden with the family, neighbors and friends

For play, expression and introspection at schools for children and youth

In town - a dive into relaxation - a break when we are out shopping

For celebration in joyful environments

In a peaceful setting for courses, groups and meetings

As lunch and relaxation rooms at our companies

A harmonious space for conflict solution

At nursing homes where the elders can sit and relax around the fire ... in environments where children, young and old can meet across ages


The fireplace calms and melts our ancient nervous system into rest and resources

Archaeological findings have indicated that large creative development leaps happened to us humans when we could begin to handle fire and the fire place. We then had a safe place to relax and stare into the fire together, which helped us to recover and preserve our resources for new creative development leaps within the areas of - tools, hunting, cooking, clothing, housing.

The bonfire gave us the serenity to descend into the depths of our resources and create a restful distance to the physical survival.

Similarly, the fireplace can give us modern people of today a calm place to sink into a restful distance to all the mental and emotional activity that drives us today.

We have the same basic nervous system and the same basic needs as in ancient times, but with a more sophisticated superstructure that enables us to more and more complex thinking around our basic needs.

Food, clothing, housing, warmth, caring, intimacy, recognition, creative expression  -  are some of the basic needs that satisfies different parts of us.

Our Reptile brain is the oldest and most primitive layers of the brain, which is a deep integral part of our body through our not will based, autonomic nervous system, responsible for heart rhythm, breathing, hunting abilities, territorial behavior, sexual instinct.  -  This is where big or small paralysis, traumas, charges, inhibitions may dwell in us, with inprint from old unfinished events and from stages of development in childhood, adolescence and adult life.

In the Mammal brain, is where the feeling part of us lives  -  with our ability to bonde, play and engage in complex relating, which is part of the limbic system. The Amygdala is a heatedly small center in the oldest part of the limbic system  -  which react with strong emotions in situations which seem threatening.  -  Amygdala way of remembering is through emotional charged moods, without a time frame  -  which easily can activate old emotional charges that often do not suit circumstances of the present moment.

In Neo Cortex and Prefrontal Cortex is our human brain and nervous system. There arises our ability to form images and complex associations of our relations and life, as well as linguistic understanding and the emotional basis for making conscious choices and nuanced evaluations.  -  If certain parts of our Cortex is restricted and paralyzed by deeper layers of the nervous system and brain  -  we lose our ability to think and orient ourselves clearly, with a tendency to develop destructive thought patterns and actions in those areas of our brain that is involved.


Resting in our natural ground state deep within everything.

When we sink deep into the consciousness that we are, we can find rest in our natural state. There we rest quietly in the undefinable quantum sea of unity, in which all matter manifestes and un-manifestes. In this presence everything is going on  -  physically, emotionally and mentally.

In deep silence we are connected with the depths of ourselves, each other and everything around us.

Subtle paralysis in our nervous system prevents us from resting in ourselves, in the silence depth within everything.

Fight / flight response is activated when we experience life-threatening situations  -  as babies, children or adults. What happens in such situations is that the Amygdala, a sensitive center in the mammal part of the nervous system alerts for a dangerous situation, which further activates the Hypothalamus, which activate the Pituitary Gland, which sends Nor-adrenaline, Adrenaline and Cortisol into the bloodstream and tissues  -  which mobilizes the fight / flight response in the Nervous system - where the whole organism is on and ready to fight or flight.

If we succeed with the fight or flight response  -  then generally the energy of the response in the life-threatening situation do not get traped by paralyzation in our nervous system, and therefore it can make us grow in our capacity.

But if we fail with the fight or flight response because the force against us is to big  -  it may happen that the Para-sympathetic nervous system kicks in with the last and oldest reflex of survival - namely the reflex of playing dead. Then this last reflex paralyzes the fight / flight readiness which is switched on and ready  -  then the activated fight / flight energy gets paralyzed and "packed away" in our body and tissue. The paralysis also paralyzes the Hippocampus which otherwise provides orientation and time perspective, which otherwise would calm down to the Amygdala / which is the timeless emotional "radar" that activates it all. Further more parts of our thinking and self- reflective Neo-Cotex and the Prefrontal Cortex will be paralized, which otherwise can give us understanding and nuanced evaluations.  -  The consequence of this can be that traped parts of us stay paralyzed, traumatized and undeveloped until these traped parts of our soul gets helped towards an end  -  by oneself and the trusted someones.

With subtle paralysis, inhibitions and blockages in our energy body and psyche  -  we get handicapped in our ability to really rest or act freely in the world without stress.

And the unfinished episodes of our inner emotionel life  -  lives on in us and can be a central part of shaping self-destructive behavior in our lives  -  which often continues to unfold until the deeper unresolved episodes in us are meet, integrated and understood.

(Since animals do not have the same psychological cognitive superstructure like humans  -  they can, if they escape an attack, shake the paralysis and the fight / flight response energies out of there system and therby avoid the trauma condition.)


By the Bonefire

In the deep felt peace, sense of safety and togetherness by the bonfire - we can help each other to meet, go through and heal the deep unresolved episodes of our lifes, which is stored in our body and psyche. So that we can rest in our self and act freely in the world.

Resting in the silent depth of our body  -  in togetherness with one another  -  open to listen and contain each other  -  moving in breathing exercises, in music and dance some of the deep ways we can heal and enrich each other and our lifes.


The Fire Dome i forest and nature environments, with small forest-homes - can be the obvious retreat place... Life around the fireplace in peace of nature...

Here some inspiration and examples on how it could look: