Sales & Production


Sales and production of the Fire Dome:

The Fire Domes can be bought and built by Ajuna Carpentry & - who are offering 10 years of construction warranty and 5 years rot and mold warranty. Or order from your local Carpenter.

See description of the Fire Dome structure here - Facts about the Fire Dome construction


The Fire Dome - an obvious investment:

  • in schools and institutions with need of more space
  • harmonious meeting locations and presentation rooms
  • as extensions to restaurants, cafe's and bars
  • neighborhoods or housing associations that together buys a Dome for there common area
  • on public areas in the countryside and in the cities

The portable Fire Dome provides the benefits - That the Dome can be sold and resold as needed - Can be moved as needed - It is delivered ready for use and thereby no construction period.


Ajuna Carpentry & Design's prices on the Fire Dome in 3 different sizes:

  • 34 sqm - 6.6 m in diameter - room for about 25 people -  28,000 euro + VAT
  • 63 sqm - 9 m in diameter  -  room for about 60 people  -  46,500 euro + VAT
  • 113 sqm - 12 m in diameter - room for about 120 people - 77,500 euro + VAT

Included is: 1 piece door-section with entrance door. 8000 euro per extra door or window section.

Complete fireplace solution: From 4700 euro + VAT - learn more about the various fireplace solutions.

Special designed dome furniture can also be purchased - curved sofas, solid wood furniture, dome-shaped kitchens, sleeping spaces or other as required.


When ordering: A contract will be signed with Ajuna Carpentry & Design where 1/3 of the sales price is paid. Or order from your local carpenter.

Shipping cost is not included in the price - details concerning delivery will be specified when ordering

Delivery time: Depends on order list - call and hear more

For more info - contact: Ajuna Carpentry & Design