Facts about future productions




Extra doors and windows can be ordered

Plus the opportunity to purchase of furniture - curved sofas, solid wood furniture, dome-shaped kitchens, sleeping places, etc.

3 sizes:

  • Diameter 6.6 meter / 34kvm
  • Diameter 9 meters / 63kvm -
  • Diameter 12 meters  / 113kvm -







Dome construction

  • Outside - form-curved wooden boards
  • Thick rubber sheeting
  • Inner plywood construction
  • Inside - form-curved wooden boards


Insulation - The dome and the floor can be insulated with Aluthermo Quattro  - which according to AluThermo is a very effective insulation https://www.aluthermo.com/en/ - Aluthermo is a reflective insulation, developed by NASA for spaceships, used in the aircraft industry and slowly growing into the construction industry
Floor - Insulated wooden floor.
Extra doors and windows can be ordered

The Dome is build in sections and is delivered ready for setup


Transport and setup


The Fireplace

  • The fireplace is located in the center of Fire Dome
  • A Brazier stands in the middle where a funnel hangs down from the ceiling over it
  • There is a big round skylight over the fireplace where the pipe fed up through
  • The fireplace can be easily removed so that a large open floor space is available for: meeting room, studio, office, living room or what opportunities you see in such a space?


Smoke free space

An electric solar cells driven exhaust fan can ensure a smoke free room.