The first Fire Dome is built - future productions will be of PROTOTYPE 2


Ajuna Møller has built and developed - financed by Ole Stubbe, managing director of XL Constructions, Give, Denmark. This first Fire Dome is then bought by




Jønnes Dinner uses this first Fire Dome for many different events - everything from weddings and receptions to meditation and teambuilding courses - where they can serve meals for up to 60 people in this Fire Dome - 63 sqm - 9 meters in diameter


"After seeing a model of the Fire Dome in size 1:20 and then saw that a fireplace in the middle of the building was possible - I was thrilled. And when is was shown that it could be separaded into sections and be ready for transport in about 2 hours - I felt, that one of these I had to pursue. It would fit perfectly as a way to expand my catering company, where we could move around and offer gourmet food in a beautiful dome shaped building. The Fire Dome creates a very special timeless experience, which I have not experienced anywhere else before. This first Fire dome has for many months, since January 2014 attracted attention from the media and people from all over the country, and many have experienced the food in the timeless atmosphere of this unique Dome. "
- Jørgen,